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It’s not just the quality of our work that sets Catalyst Event Solutions apart from other professional conference organisers. It’s also the creativity, knowledge, experience and attention to every detail.  Each of our events is a testament to how Catalyst Event Solutions enjoys working with our clients to create unique and successful events.

Catalyst Event Solutions has successfully managed conferences, events, workshops, training sessions, incentives, meetings, executive retreats & dinners, exhibitions & trade shows, road shows, product launches, speaker tours and special events such as Christmas parties, gala dinners and award dinners.  These have ranged from a small board meeting for 10 to a large international conference.

Our work spans Australia – we have organised events ranging from Conferences in all major cities to rural field days.  We have also organised International Conferences in major cities around the world.

We understand that every event has it’s own set of unique requirements and we are always delighted to have the opportunity to partner with our clients to achieve their goals for their next event.  Every successful event outcome contributes further to the breadth of knowledge and expertise in event management offered by the Team at Catalyst Event Solutions.

Please see below a selection of photos from some of our recent events.  We have many more, so if you would like to look at photos of any particular style of event, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Special Events
Team Building
Secretariat Services
Exhibitions & Trade Shows
Registration Management
Exhibition, Hilton, Sydney
Exhibition, Novotel Manly, Sydney
Exhibition, Novotel Brighton, Sydney
Posters Display, SCEC, Sydney
Australian Technology Park, Sydney
Exhibition, SCEC, Sydney
Amazing Race, Shanghai, Sydney
Lucky Goldfish, Shanghai, Sydney
Dodgems, Luna Park, Sydney
Executive Retreat, Lijiang, China
Team Dinner, Rickshaw, Singapore
Executive Retreat, Lijiang, China
Skyline, Shanghai, China
Twilight Cocktails, Jaipur, India
Themed Chinese Dinner, Shanghai, China
Themed Gala Dinner, Town Hall, Sydney
Awards Dinner, Club Shanghai, China
Gala Dinner, Jaipur, India
Cocktail Party, SCEC, Sydney
Themed Gala Dinner, Town Hall, Sydney
Themed Dinner, The Star Room Sydney
Themed Dinner, Club Shanghai, China
Conference Cocktails, Luna Park, Sydney
Gala Awards Dinner, The Star Room Sydney
Legal Team Conference, Shanghai, China
Keynote Breakfast, Novotel Brighton, Sydney
Traditional Welcome, SCEC, Sydney
3 Day Conference, SCEC, Sydney
3 Day Conference, Novotel Brighton, Sydney


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