Virtual & Hybrid Events

Virtual and hybrid conferences and events have become increasingly mainstream post COVID-19, as
more organizations embrace the ‘work-from-home’ option, whilst also wishing to encourage
participation by attendees who, for whatever reason, are not able to attend an event in person.
Speakers, attendees and other participants benefit from being able to be part of an event and
network with others no matter where they live in the world.


For virtual events which are a fully online experience, Catalyst Event Solutions can help create
interactive spaces where attendees can easily engage with one another as speakers present their
live content. They are a great way to foster inclusivity and communication between remote
attendees and teams but require the support of reliable technology services to ensure that the
experience is smooth and seamless.
This consistency in connectivity will help keep your attendees alert and engaged while portraying
your brand in the most positive light. We can also help guide your speakers on how to make
effective presentations in this virtual space so they can keep audiences alert and engaged.


Hybrid events accommodate both in-person attendees and virtual participation of live audiences,
who get to view and enjoy the experience in real-time. This flexibility provides greater accessibility,
networking, and enabling more attendees to join in conveniently.
A hybrid conference project requires the management of multiple elements including venue setup,
technical support, and attendee engagement to ensure success. For hybrid events, we can help in
managing both the in-person event and its live broadcast for remote attendees. We work with our
clients to create a unique and memorable occasion that is sure to keep audiences engaged,
entertained, educated, and inspired.
So, whether it is a conference, meeting, training workshop, awards ceremony, product launch, or
networking event, we can help make it a successful virtual or hybrid event through the provision and
facilitation of the necessary facilities, equipment, and services. We can assist with:

  • Managing and maximising online marketing and publicity for the event to potential
    sponsors, delegates, exhibitors, and attendees.
  • Creation of an event micro-website that will act as a resource for attendees, a promotional
    channel, and a conduit for virtual attendance of the event.
  • Provision of virtual event technology for live streaming or pre-recording, recording,
    circulation, and sharing.
  • Hybrid event technology scoping and integration.
  • Community member engagement and post-event feedback.
  • Sourcing of event venues with adequate floor space to accommodate all the meeting,
    sponsor and attendee needs.
  • Preparation and arrangement of marketing materials for the event such as banners and

Our bespoke services are tailored to cater to the specific needs of your organisation when it comes
to hosting virtual and hybrid events. Every event is unique and requires a customised plan on how to
organise and execute the project to achieve the most successful outcome.

Thanks to our extensive event management experience and expertise, we can provide you with a
seamless solution that will enable the effective and efficient delivery of powerful and engaging
virtual and hybrid events. Let us help you bring together your event sponsors, delegates, exhibitors,
and attendees into a virtual or hybrid space where they can learn, share and network in a
meaningful way.