Financial Management

Financial integrity is at the heart of our business

We can provide comprehensive financial management, reconciliation, and debt collection services for your next Conference or Event. We use proprietary software to control and track your event expenditure, revenue streams and overall financial performance against real-time registration data.

Financial integrity is at the heart of our business and project management systems. Our rigorous financial management practices offer you full confidence in the security of your event. Our financial planning, budgeting, cashflow, forecasting and registration payment systems are second to none.

The provision of detailed, accurate and timely financial reports keep you fully informed on income, expenditure and cashflow projection at every step of the project, right through to our detailed post-event financial reporting and analysis.

Additionally we can assist with:

  • Budget development
  • Comprehensive computerised financial tracking of all income, expenditure and taxes (eg GST) ensuring a full and comprehensive audit trail for your event
  • Detailed financial summaries and reconciliations for the Event Treasurer
  • Coordination of event insurance cover (if required)
  • Merchant facilities to collect registration payments
  • Production of tax invoices, receipts and documentary approvals for your event registrants.