Abstract management and program management

Abstract management and program management can be a time consuming process.  Catalyst Event Solutions can us assist you with:

  • The structural development of your program.
  • The preparation of a brochure and information announcing your call for abstracts (papers).
  • Managing the communication and promotion of the call for abstracts.
  • Managing an online abstract submission process.
  • Liaising with the abstract Review Committee.
  • Automated circulation and scoring system to simplify the entire scoring process for your Committee.
  • Notifying speakers of their acceptance.

Subsequently we can assist by:

  • Liaising with speakers to communicate presentation requirements.
  • Collecting and collating the presentations ready to take on site for the event.
  • Receiving and coordinating poster display elements of your event.
  • Liaising with your speakers to ascertain any specific on site audio visual needs.
  • Organising speaker preparation and support facilities on site with the set up and manning of a speaker preparation room.

Did you know?

Abstract management is the process of accepting and preparing abstracts for presentation at an academic conference.  The process consists of either invited or proffered submissions of the abstract or summary of work. The abstract typically states the hypothesis, tools used in research or investigation, data collected, and a summary or interpretation of the data.

The abstracts usually undergo peer review after which they are accepted or rejected by the conference chair or committee, and are then allocated to conference sessions developing the program.

The abstracts may be presented as an oral talk or as an illustrated poster during the event.

Abstracts are often published before or after the event as conference proceedings, or in academic journals, or online. In some cases submission of a full paper may be required before final acceptance is given.

Some fields ask for the submission of full papers (rather than just abstracts) and academic program committees peer review the full paper to a standard comparable to journal publication before accepting a paper for presentation at the conference and publishing it in an edited proceedings series.

The abstract management process is closely tied to the need to provide continuing education to professionals.  Many annual meetings hosted by specialty societies provide educational credit hours so that attendees may keep current in the field and maintain their professional certifications.