Meeting or event somewhere really unique?

submarine lounge

Meeting or Event Somewhere Really Unique?

Or perhaps just enjoying a relaxing holiday getaway?  Lovers Deep is a unique ‘property’.  This submarine is actually intended for couples who want to have a private night together submerged beneath the ocean waves.  Designed to your personal specification and built as a unique, one-off trip of a lifetime that you’ll never forget.   Available to book for the mere sum of $315,000 per person, per night (minimum two night stay).

Moor the submarine off the coastline of your choice and have it chartered with your own crew.  Included in the price tag is an aphrodisiac tasting menu for two; helicopter or speedboat transfers;  free Champagne on arrival and romantic touches such as rose petals scattered on the bed and a Barry White soundtrack!

Event or Meeting here

Imagine having a Meeting or Event here!